The following terms and conditions apply to the Standard Warranty, that will be valid for a period of 24 (twenty-four) months since the billing date of the product. This Warranty does not alter or cancel out the consumer rights established by local laws or the rights provided for in any contract signed with retailers. The Warranty for faults in Louder S.r.l. products is restricted solely to the services covered by this Warranty. The Consumer may have other rights, depending on the Country. If the local law renders invalid, forbids or exceeds any of the clauses in this warranty, the remaining clauses will nonetheless remain valid.

Duration and conditions for the validity of the Warranty

Louder S.r.l. provides a Warranty for any faults in this product that are present at the time of delivery and become evident within 24 months since the billing date.

Proof of the purchase date must be provided (both by the Purchaser and by a possible Third Party that subsequently bought the product, if any) by providing a receipt or invoice issued by the Seller showing the name of the Seller and the billing date of the product. Louder S.r.l. reserves the right to refuse to provide the service included in the warranty if the abovementioned details are missing or have been deleted or altered after the initial purchase of the product.

Any repair work done under this Warranty must be performed by staff at Louder S.r.l. or at an authorised Support Centre.

The Consumer is responsible for providing suitable protection for the product using its original packaging. Louder S.r.l. will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur during delivery as a result of unsuitable packaging.

At no cost for the consumer, Louder S.r.l. will only repair faulty components or, at its discretion, replace a faulty product, or part of it, with another product that is identical or has an equivalent function. If Louder S.r.l. is unable to repair or replace a faulty product, the purchase price paid will be refunded.

Any repairs or replacement of components or products will not result in the extension of the duration of this Warranty, that will continue until the end of the 24 months period.

Loss or damage to any software or data present in the product is not covered by the warranty. When repairing or replacing products, Louder S.r.l. will take all necessary measures to reinstall the original software including any update that it deems necessary in order for the product to work correctly, but it will not save or reinstall any software or data in the faulty product that was not originally contained in it at the time of sale.

Exemption clauses

This Warranty will not be valid if the purchase document (receipt or invoice) is illegible or if the serial number of the original Louder S.r.l. product has been deleted, altered or removed.

Furthermore, this Standard Warranty from the manufacturer does not cover any fault that is found to be due to:

  • Failure to follow the operation and maintenance instructions contained in the manual provided with the product.
  • Negligent or careless use
  • Incorrect use and utilisation for purposes other than those for which the product was sold and designed
  • Incorrect installation and/or connection to the power network
  • Maintenance, repairs or modifications made by unauthorised personnel and/or failure to use genuine spare parts
  • Damage resulting from transport or circumstances and/or events due to force majeure (e.g. lightning, water, fire) that cannot be attributed to manufacturing faults in the product

In addition, the Warranty does not cover:

  • Removable elements, knobs, light signals and any accessories, consumption materials and parts that are subject to wear. These parts are only covered by the Warranty when it can be demonstrated that they suffer from manufacturing faults.
  • Technical work in installing and connecting the product, unless performed by Louder S.r.l.

Territorial coverage of the Warranty

Louder S.r.l. offer this warranty directly or through its Sales network. Therefore, Consumers must contact Louder S.r.l. or the Retailer with any request for assistance. For further information, see our website www.partybag.it

Limitations of responsibility

Louder S.r.l. declines all responsibility for damage that might arise directly or indirectly to people, things or animals as a result of failure to follow all of the steps described in the specific User Manual, especially for what concerns the installation, use and maintenance of the product.

Expiry of the Warranty

After the end of the 24 months duration of this Warranty, the Consumer will be charged for any repairs and/or replacements of components in accordance with the applicable rates of the Technical Support network authorised by the manufacturer.